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Academic Instruction

Hillcrest provides four different standards-based instructional programs to meet the needs of its very diverse student population. To benefit from this rich linguistic, cultural and ethnic milieu, the integration of students is a daily occurrence.

 Spanish Bilingual 

This program is designed to ensure that children from Spanish-speaking households develop high levels of English language proficiency and literacy, as well as high levels of academic competency in Spanish. 

•  Chinese Bilingual

Much like the Spanish Bilingual program, native Cantonese speakers will develop high levels of English and home language proficiency and literacy, as well as high levels of academic competency in Cantonese. 

•  English Language Development 

The goal of our ELD program is to empower both English learners and Native English speakers while helping them to communicate in English more effectively in both written and oral forms, as well as improving their comprehension and listening skills.

 Speech and Language and Resource Specialists Programs 

Students receive instruction in the core curriculum with adaptations and/or modifications that are based on their individual needs. 


As part of our assessment system, Student Portfolios are created by students highlighting a variety of performance-based work. Before a panel of staff, parents and peers, students in the 5th grade will demonstrate their understanding of their “best pieces” according to agreed-upon standards.