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Hillcrest Project SF Highlights

Gardening and exploration activities at Alemany Farm and McLaren Park by Jon Campbell

We have been doing explorations of nearby Alemany Farm and McLaren Park! Students have been learning how to find and forage for wild berries. They have been helping around at the farm, exploring it's wonders and harvesting greens and fruits! Alemany Farm is located just 2 blocks away from Hillcrest, right next to St. Mary's, and it is open to the public!

In the classroom we are learning all about the process a seed goes through to become a plant. Students have been planting and taking care of seeds in the Hillcrest Garden.

A lot has happened this summer and a lot more is to come. Make sure to ask these students what they are learning about their neighborhoods!

Summer Learning Day in McLaren Park by Crystal Cortez

            Summer Learning Day is an annual national advocacy day led by the National Summer Learning Association to elevate the importance of keeping kids learning, safe, and healthy every summer. This year the Summer Learning Day was located at one of Hillcrest's local parks; John McLaren Park. Children from Hillcrest as well as the local Excelsior YMCA were able to engage in multiple activities that included topics that covered the sciences, technology, engineering, art and math. The subjects were all hands on, and focus on different areas of McLaren Park. There were multiple amazing stations like the mapping station; where student were able to learn how to read and identify the different areas of McLaren Park. There was also the Water Tower Lego station where student were able to learn about the water tower, La Grande Tank of McLaren. Student's were able understand the engineering of how the water is disturbed from the tank. This was done with a water tower model as well as being able to build a water tower with Legos. There was also health smoothie making with bikes that were focus on the technology behind a blender, where students were able to ride a bike that had a blender attached and identify the different ingredients that are included in making a smoothie. The overall Summer Learning Day was an unforgettable experiences, not only for every student but every volunteer that attended. Everyone was able to learn and appreciate the local community park of John McLaren while having tones of fun.

Art Club by Ms. Claudia

            We love working with Ms. Claudia she makes projects to save the earth. We don’t have to have a lot of money because we look around and see things that can make beautiful decorations. Let me tell you some of the beautiful things we made: We took toilet paper rolls and we made adorable cars that we were able to race with our friends. For the girls we made plants of out salt and chalk. We recycled bottles from baby food filled them with the sand and made colorful vases as you can see below.

Summer Fun!! by Cindy Pham

            A big shout to the 2nd graders a.k.a “Golden Thunder Dragons” for being such amazing troopers this summer. The theme for our class this summer was girl & boy scouts/community service. Each week we focused on a neighborhood that would allow us to visit different parks and rec as well as engage in community service in the area. For example, for the first week we focused on Golden Gate Park. At the Botanical Gardens (in GG Park) we were able to help water the plants at the Children's Garden as well as plant succulents with the volunteers there. During the same week the Golden Thunder Dragons visited Koret Park where they were able to go down a really steep slide using cardboard, which was so much fun! Some of the other community service that we engaged in included cleaning the structure at John McLaren Park and pulling weeds/harvesting plants at Alemany Farm. A couple of the highlights for this summer would be the time when we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, found a small beach in Sausalito and then walked back across the bridge. Everyone was exhausted but I'm so proud of them for their perseverance and achievement.~It was my first time walking all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge as well! Also, I cannot forget the time when a stranger did a random act of kindness and bought each student ice cream from Bi Rite Creamery near Dolores Park. How much cooler can summer get?!

3rd Grade Golden State Deuces

This summer the 3rd grade Golden State Deuces went on many adventures, filled their minds with knowledge and strengthened their community bond. The theme of our project SF was exploring the coast of San Francisco highlights include trips to Marshall beach and Ocean Beach.

4th and 5th Graders Camping Trip by Jon Campbell

            Camping in the Presidio was a great adventure! We went on a long 2-hour hike along the California coast, looking at the native plants and animals with a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. We set up camp with each group of kids in their own tents! The sunset hike was jaw dropping and was only matched by the late night hike!! A great evening was capped off with some tasty s'mores around the camp fire (melted marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers). No tears were shed, only laughter and sunshine at the Hillcrest Campsite! Thanks to Mr. Lee, Mr. Antonio, Mr. Jay, Ms. Cindy, Mr. Campbell, Ms. Ashley, Ms. Amaris, Ms. Nico, Mr. Noah, Ms. Karina and Si Zheng's mom!!

4th Grade Classroom by Ashley Hughes

The best part of the summer was watching the kids open up their minds to finding new ways they can express their passions. We focused on exploring their multiple intelligences and different careers that can correlate with their smarts and their passions. In addition to research we had six guest speakers that we either invited to our classroom or visited them at their office. Some of our guest speakers include a dj, baker, graphic designer, dance instructors, city planner/engineer, and a Dropbox employee who all helped us discover how our smarts and interests can relate to our jobs. The highlight was reading their reflections about memorable moments that they had with each guest; even when the students may seem like they are not paying attention a lot of them wrote quite a bit of what they are going to take away.

Women’s World Cup by Ms. Sarah

I still can't believe that I got the opportunity to go and watch the final game between USA and Japan. I will remember this game for the rest of my life. The shock and surprise after Carli Lloyd scored in 3 minutes and then again at 5 minutes! The game was exhilarating and emotional. My friends and I cheered loudly, high-fived one another and I fought back tears of pride for all the USA players and all the young soccer players who dream to play and win the World Cup.

Mo Magic

  Hillcrest Summer Reading

¡Everybody Reads!

Research shows that most children lose 2-3 months of reading learning over the summer.  I am delighted to inform you that Hillcrest is part of a Summer Reading Program sponsored by Mo Magic.