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First Grade

First grade at Hillcrest is awesome! There is so much to do and learn. The students are growing both socially and academically. They have a growing sense of independence. The first grade team is utilizing this to help them build a sense of academic responsibility. We are  working with our students to reach both the classroom goals we have set for them as well as their own individual goals. It is our mission to have them leave first grade confident in their abilities as thinkers and learners.

Academically, we are immersing the students in reading through Reading Workshop. Through daily reading routines we are guiding them to becoming confident and independent readers. From reading, students launch into the world of writing. As they begin first grade their writing and spelling is very "inventive."  As they leave they are able to compose a paragraph with clear content and structure.

First grade math is full of number exploration and discovery of the world of numbers around us. Students are learning  to count to 100 and beyond starting at any number on the number line. They will be able to skip count, count forwards and backwards, and know odd and even numbers by the time they leave first grade. They are learning the importance of sequencing and patterns. The students are learning how to count money, tell time, and add and subtract single digit numbers.
Through our Caring schools Community program students are learning  how to work within a school community. Students are learning to treat all members of the community, adults and fellow students alike, with respect. They are learning how to take turns, negotiate play situations and peacefully resolve social conflicts.

Finally, to reach all learners, both native and second language, we are incorporating many GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design) strategies into our language development program. Through these strategies we are helping the students to  build vocabulary, develop language structures, and give them access to academic language so they can reach their learning potential.

There's no stopping first grade!

Couto, Patsy Teacher
Mak, Ines Teacher
Munoz, Lorena Teacher
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